KiCsa defines :

  • Employees (fellows)
  • Skills, linked together through various and paramerizable relationships (such as "Parent", "See also", "Use", etc.). A set of skills and relationships is called thesaurus.
  • Abilities : employees that have some skill(s) at some expertise level

Application end users can be anybody (employees or not). They have :

  • rights (which implies some workflow initiation)
    • employee contact (directly, through a workflow, etc.)
    • sub-skill proposal for an existing skill
  • duties (worflow), if they have been nominated skill owners (or skill managers)
    • validation/cancellation of sub-skills proposals
    • security rights delegation (in case of vacancy for instance)

Note that :

  • The thesaurus :
    • is a network (i.e. can have multiple "Parent" relationships for example) even if is displayed in a tree fashion.
    • can store any term type (not only computer-related for example)
    • can use any relationship type. However some relationship types should be tagged as :
      • "Parent" (to allow a tree view of the thesaurus)
      • "Synonym" (for multi-criteria skill search).
  • is KiCsa application-independent.