Configuration and change management

Sources files are centralized into the /cvsroot/kicsa CVS repository of the server.

The following modules are available :

  • Java, that contains the Java source code files, including
    • the application code (*)
    • the JUnit tests code (*)
  • WebAoo, that contains the Web sources (HTML, JSP, images)
  • Config, that contains the application configuration files (properties)
  • Install, that contains the installation scripts (Ant, SQL)

Public access

As an OSS project, the KiCsa source code repository can be checked out through anonymous (pserver).

Command line

You can use the following CVS command lines :

cvs login

When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key, then enter :

cvs -z3 co Java

Replace Java by WebAoo if you want to checkout (co) the other module.

As the checkout operation remember the CVSROOT in the Root file of the generated CVS subdirectories, you will no longer need to specify the -d parameter after the first checkout.


Using jCVS, just specify the same parameters on the Checkout tab (you might test your connection parameters before by using the Test tab).


You can also simply browse the KiCsa CVS Web interface.

Developer access

Only project developers can access the CVS tree via this method. SSH 1 or SSH 2 must be used.

Command line

If you use a native CVS client you might want to inform it to use SSH by setting the CVS_RSH environment variable.

For example :

export CVS_RSH=ssh on Unix

set CVS_RSH=ssh on Windows

Depending on your SSH implementation, you might have to replace ssh by another SSH executable name, such as ssh2 or plink (Putty link) for instance.

You can use the following CVS command line, providing your SourceForge KiCsa project's developer name :

cvs -z3 co Java

Replace Java by WebAoo if you want to work on the other module. Enter your SourceForge site password when prompted.


As jCVS provides an integrated support for SSH, you don't need to install a SSH suite. Just specify that you're using SSH as the protocol, and provide your SourceForge KiCsa project's developer name and password.

Note that this works fine with J2SE 1.3, but throws a security exception if you use J2SE 1.4.1 (maybe a security policy issue to solve by parameterization).


GNU WinCVS provides a command line cvs executable (see instructions above) but also a GUI.

To configure WinCVS through GUI, choose Admin/Preferences, then on the General tab set as the CVSROOT and select SSH Server for Authentication.

To specify a different RSH executable, go to the Ports tab, check Check for an alternate rsh name and fill it with your SSH executable (C:\Putty\plink.exe if you're using Putty for instance).

As a developper, we also recommend that you uncheck the Checkout read-only option of the Globals tab.