Project team

KiCsa project team members are :

  • Jérôme Beau, developer — Worked for Orange France ACE IT experts department as a Valtech consultant to provide design and implementation guidelines and perform technical audits of Orange France J2EE applications from January to December 2002. Main KicCa designer and developer. Creator of the web site. Jerome works today as a R&D Team leader for LIBeLIS.
  • Christian Bocquet, MOE — Director of the Orange France's ACE IT experts department.
  • David NDiaye, developer — Reviewed the code to make it work on Orange France latest platform.
  • Laurent Richer, developer — Works for Orange France's ACE experts departments as a Axlan consultant to perform audits of Orange France J2EE applications. Managed the local CVS repository, the WAS 4 deployment scripts, and developped some parts of KiCsa.
  • Laurent Rostas, Stakeholder — Director of the Orange France's EASY IT architects department.